Lectures will start on Monday 1st of July at 9:30 and will end of Friday 5th of July around 5pm. Wednesday afternoon will be free in order to allow a visit to some of the pearls of Como. The social dinner is scheduled for Wednesday evening.



• Speaker: CARLOTTO Alessandro, ETH – Zürich
Title: Deformations of positive scalar curvature metrics

• SpeakerDE LELLIS Camillo, IAS – Princeton
TitleThe Nash-Kuiper theorem and flexibility of isometric embeddings
References: see Chapter 2 of the paper The masterpieces of John Forbes Nash Jr  available at

• SpeakerFRASER Ailana University of British Columbia
Title: Eigenvalue optimization on riemannian manifolds

• Speaker: SAVO Alessandro, La Sapienza – Roma
Title: Geometric rigidity of overdetermined pde’s

• SpeakerWENGER Stefan Université de Fribourg
Title: Minimal surfaces in metric spaces

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Speaker: Luquesio P. Jorge
Title: The Gauss map of complete surfaces into R^3